New Year : Doing more with your children

Happy New Year Everyone!
I challenge all parents to do more activities this year with their children. Be prepared to be more ‘hands on’, ‘out there’ and ‘tuned in’. Get ready to break the barriers in your children education.
List of educational activities you can do more with your children this Year:

  • Read a book for at least twenty minutes everyday
  • Talk about old pictures – which year it was taken
  • Draw a family tree include grand parents, aunties and uncles
  • Play board games together
  • Draw and colour together
  • Dress up together
  • Listen to a song together 
  • Dance Azonto or do the latest dance moves together
  • Finger paint together and talk about size, which is bigger/smaller
  • Play hide and seek
  • Make finger puppets and put on a show together
  • Play Simon says
  • Play I spy  

I wish you the very best the year has to offer. 

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