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A leading and exclusive community for women who are empowered with expert skills to nurture the next generation with kindness and mindfulness.

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You are welcome to the Thrive Circles. An exclusive community of women who are driven to lead an intentional life of purpose with kindness and mindfulness. This is a place to answer questions like what is practising mindfulness like? How can you nurture children to be mindful? We give you the techniques to live without fear, overwhelm, or judgment. 

We’re excited to be taking you on this journey with us. 

Our mission is to help you live in the present with gratitude and kindness.

We offer honest advice, tips, and accountability partners to help you achieve your goals no matter how big it is.

This is the community for you to meet top professional, success-driven, and drama-free women.

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Carefully curated Thrive Circles Escape

Escape the noise and spend time practicing mindfulness. You’ll probably find yourself feeling kinder, calmer, and more patient after the Escape.

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Thrive Circles Mindful listening

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Loving Mindful Listening

At Thrive Circles, you will find a friend who will listen to you lovingly without judgement.You are surrounded by those who take interests in what you are saying.
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Knowledge is power.

Tap into the power of distinguished women and gain knowledge on how they are raising mindful children and the mindfulness activities they use.

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Thrive Circles Mediation

Little Kids | 3 - 6 Years | Modern Mums Club

With seasoned leaders

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