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We Faith it until we make it. This is the promise in Isaiah 60:22: When the time is right, I the Lord, would make it happen. 

We trust in the divine timing for God’s plan to unfold in perfect pecision.

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You are welcome to the Modern Mums Club. We are a Faith-based community for women like us who want to live an intentional lifestyle in this modern world. 

We are here to help you grow your faith through sharing words of encouragement and hope.

You would find resources for topics like Love, Anxiety, Healing, Anger, Hope, Depression, Fear, Peace, Stress, Patience, Loss, Joy, Temptation, Pride and Finance.

We would give you the tools to lead lives that fulfill and inspire others.

We also have guides for studying the Bible, Fasting, Finance, Relationship, Health, Purpose, Marriage, Dating, Leadership, Prayer and Worship.

We hope you would join us on this journey in the Modern Mums Club.




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Bolupe Maborukoje is the founder of Modern Mums Club. Although born in the church, Bolupe became a christian after leaving home for university. She has since dedicated her life to sharing the gospel of the Lord and discovering his magnificent creation around the world.

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