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Modern Mums Club provides an expert and honest guide to the developmental milestones of toddlers, the skills they need to achieve and how you can help them achieve their developmental milestones.

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Toddler Physical Development Milestones

What are the key milestones?

The key milestones in Toddlers Development and Growth can be looked at through four main milestones.

  1. Physical Milestones (Gross Motor Skill & Fine Motor Skills)
  2. Cognitive Milestones
  3. Social and Emotional Milestones
  4. Language Milestones

All children develop at different speeds and achieving all the toddler’s developmental milestones will look different for every child. The key factor to a toddler’s development and growth is the senses. 

The more you develop their senses, the better they will develop. As a guide, you want to look out for the senses your toddler is developing and look for ways to further enhance his experiences and growth.

The senses you are looking to develop are:
  • Taste 
  • Touch
  • Sight
  • Smell
  • Hearing
  • Proprioception – Body Awareness
  • Vestibular – Balance and Movement.

What are the Physical Developmental Milestones for Toddlers?

The physical developmental milestones for toddlers are divided into 2:
  • Gross Motor Skills 
  • Fine Motor Skills
Most toddlers will achieve some or all of these milestones by 32 months or at their third birthday.

Gross Motor Skills in Toddlers – What to expect.

Between 32 and 36 months, you should expect your toddler’s Gross Motor Skills to include the ability to:

  • Walk, run and hop using both feet.
  • Kick a ball.
  • Throw and catch objects with both hands
  • Walk on the stairs with support and alternate feets
  •  Climb playground equipment appropriate for his age.

Fine Motor Skills in Toddlers – What to expect.

Between 32 and 36 months, you should expect your Toddler’s Fine Motor Skills to include the ability to:

  • Use a spoon but spill some contents.
  • Build a block tower of at least 5 blocks.
  •  Turn on the tap and wash his hands.
  • Pull trousers up and down
  • Begin to Zip up coats.

You can further your toddler’s experience to develop his Gross and Fine Motor Skills by intentionally engaging in outdoor play, climbing play equipment, blowing bubbles, writing with chalk, and bouncing on a safe trampoline.

What are the Cognitive Milestones for Toddlers?

Jean Piaget explains that the cognitive milestones. This is such a crucial stage for your toddler to problem solve, think about what they are doing, and play imaginatively.

What are the Social and Emotional Milestones for Toddlers?


What are the language Milestones for Toddlers?

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