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Our Mission is to Equip Mums with the Tools and Skills They need to Improve Their Children’s Educational Outcomes.

You are welcome to Modern Mums Club, where fun mums meet, network, and thrive.

We are bad-ass women winning at motherhood, money-making, and mindfulness. We are open to fellow women who want to thrive at motherhood and have a balanced bank account.
This is a place of solace from the norm, we choose to be different and positive about motherhood.
We believe motherhood is a precious thing and we will champion the important roles mothers play in home-building and nation-building.
Long-life friends are made here, business partnerships are formed and we hope to help you make money, live a smart and healthy life.
This club is for you if you’re a forward-thinking, smart mum.
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Modern Mums Club was launched in December 2012 by two friends, to support Modern Mums of Black, Mixed Race, and other Ethnic Minority children to improve their child’s educational outcomes through ‘Stay Calm parenting strategies and Values-based parenting.


The 2020 statistics commissioned by the House of Commons UK show that Black and Mixed Race Pupils have the lowest pass rate for English and Maths combined at GCSE. 

This statistic is not new! In fact, when Bolupe Maborukoje (co-founder) was researching her postgraduate degree in 2010, she was alarmed to see similar data on underachievement amongst Black and Mixed-Race children from Early Years to GCSE and A-levels.


In 2019 alone, there was 30,753 live birth from mums residing in the UK but whose country of birth was in Africa. 

Every year, we have thousands of Black and Mixed-Race children born into a system with historical underachievement and the lowest pass rate of any other ethnic group.

Imagine only 45% of 30,000 Black and Mixed-Race children born in 2019 making the standard GSCE grade in 2035. This is unacceptable!

The time to act is now.


Our mission at Modern Mums Club is simple, we want to equip you with the tools and skills that will enable you to overcome the barriers your Black or Mixed-Race child needs to improve their image and educational outcomes.

We have created this platform to share everything you as a modern mum need to know to give your child comprehensive support throughout their development from babies to teenagers.


With a driving passion to educate parents, our team at Modern Mums Club is looking to share their knowledge, parenting experiences, and a wealth of valuable personal experiences to support your journey from becoming a mum to caring for your baby to supporting your kids from their first day at school to making decisions to proceed to a university.


Modern Mums Club reviews parenting products or toys. If you want an honest review from our mums.

Modern Mums Club holds events for mums once a week during term-time both physically and online.

Modern Mums Club runs competitions through our social media outlets and events. 

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