10 Affordable Kids Toy Storage Ideas

Affordable kids Toy Storage Ideas

Kids Toy Storage | 3 wicker baskets with lids

Finding the best kids toy storage that fits your space perfectly is always tricky and to be honest to find a solution that works perfectly with your colour scheme can mean you might need to forget your design aspiration and buy anything that will serve the purpose of hiding the toys when you are expecting visitors.

To find useful kids toy storage, you will need a toy storage furniture solution with lots of little compartments meaning all the different toys will have their own home which makes tidying up easy (even for your toddler) and if you lack space, then you have no choice but to find good kids toy storage that will not let your living space be taken over by toys.

This period of styling and decorating your home with tiny kids is very short and one day, every inch of your home will be a grownup space with memories of outstanding kid’s toys and storage boxes that will by then be vintage toys for your grandkids.

If you are looking for a balance between a home you visually love and a home where kids can still be kids and have access to their toys, then you have to consider my list of the best kids toy storage.

Kids Toy Storage | Open Wicker Baskets with colourful wool

What to consider when getting your kid’s toy storage system.

There are three things to consider when you are getting the toy storage for kids.

  1. Are they Eco – friendly kid’s toys storage?
  2. Are they Sustainable kid’s toys storage?
  3. Ease of Access.

Eco-friendly kids toy storage system.

Investing in the right Eco-friendly kid’s toy storage is a no brainer. Not only is it great for the environment, but it also helps cut down toxic products in your home and helps eliminate potential health hazards. It is best to avoid PVC, Vinyl based products. There are affordable alternatives to plastic. Baskets,  100% cotton bins, and organic natural fibres are your best options.

Sustainable kids toy storage system.

Kids Toy Storage | Wicker basket with open top

Shop smart and buy kids toy storage that can be reused, recycled or repurposed.

As your kids get older, their interactions with toys will change. When you have sustainable kids toy storage in place, you will be able to re-purpose the function of it.

Ease of access.

One of the most important things to consider when buying toy storage is the ease of access for your kid.

Consider buying toy storage that is easily accessible and open. Go for bins that can be labelled with general categories like cars, trains, dolls, etc. if it gets too specific, it won’t be easy and it won’t stay neat.

Tips on keeping toy storage systems tidy.

  • Make it easy for them. Make tidying up of toys easy for the children by encouraging to tidy up before they get tired. Give them time reminders – For example, we have 5 minutes to tidy uptime.
  • Make it fun! Let your kids choose the song they would like to help them with tidying up. Set a timer and dance along while picking up the toys.
  • Make the toys storage accessible. Don’t overthink the organisation.
  • For accessories that get tingly, like necklaces, bracelets, ribbons, etc, organise those separately. Use cute shoebox-sized storage.
  • Hang up Dress-up clothes where they can reach them.

10 Affordable Kids Toy Storage Ideas

  • Use 100% cotton cubes. This is a lightweight storage bin made with 100% Natural linen and cotton fabric. It comes in a set of 4 and it’s great for toy storage.

  • Stack up wooden crates. These wooden crates are especially great for older kids new to sustainable living. It is fantastic for storing board games and wooden doll houses.

  • Use book bins. Using a book bin with a lid will help keep books nice and tidy. Book bins can be made from 100% cotton fabric or with wicker baskets.

  • Get stuffed animal bins. Having a dedicated bin for stuff animals will make tidying up fun and easy.
    1. Add a pegboard. Pegboards are practical and fun ways to maximise the space on the wall and ensure that there is space for everything.
    2. Combine storage with play – use a trolley.

  • Re-purpose old items. Old furniture or old laundry bags can be re-purposed and used for storage.
    1. Group like for like. Group toys in the same category together. Group all cars together, group all dolls together and that will save you time when tidying up.
    2. Use a Toy Hammock – Toy Hammocks are clever ways to decorate a room with an appreciable amount of stuffed toys.

  • Use photo labels – Photo label provides a visual guide that will help your child with tidying up the toys.

Easy toy storage ideas: Final Thoughts

Ease the challenge of parenthood and home decor by developing an organised system that will make your home look tidy and beautiful.

Go for toy storage systems that are Eco-friendly, sustainable, and easy to use.

Let me know in the comments what challenges you have had with toy storage and if you will consider going for Eco-friendly toy storage.

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